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A collection of short stories by author Johannes Kerkhoven.

The stories in this collection were written over many years.
Some are set in Australia, others in The Netherlands and the UK, in the past, present and future.

Trixy at home contemplating about what to do with Toyboy.

Driving her red sports car.

With nerves of steel she goes Wing walking.
10. Nightmare.jpg

The horrible nightmare of Trixy
2. Miss Trixie with Toyboy, Gambling.jpg
She always wanted to win a jackpot, and then she did.
5. TRIXY No. 5 Egypt.jpg
Trixy ticks several boxes here: Her love of Travel, The Pyramids, Ride Side Saddle, Meet Locals, See a Pteranodon flying, Meet Anubis, Get Toyboy to do something useful.
naked bikeride.jpg

Taking part in the Brighton Yearly Nude Bicycle Race.
3. Picnic of the Gods.jpg
All her GOD friends were invited to a picnic in the Bois de Boulogna. For the ‘Who is Who’.
6. Waterski.jpg

She enjoys Riding a Waterski.

Trixy at yoga practice
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